A hotel in the heart of Dompierre sur Besbre

Monuments and important places

The abbey of Sept-Fons was founded in Diou in 1132, in the ancient diocese of Autun, under the name of Notre-Dame de Saint-Lieu by the monks of the abbey of Fontenay, itself a daughter of Clairvaux. It is thus a Cistercian establishment.

Our hotel is located 5 minutes from the amusement park.

Le Pal is a French amusement park and zoological park located in the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, in the department of Allier, on the commune of Saint-Pourçain-sur-Besbre. Created in 1973, it is initially a zoological park, to which is added then an amusement park in 1981

This living representation of the Besbre and the ponds of Sologne bourbonnaise details all the species which populate the 98 km of flow of the river, of its source in Mountain bourbonnaise to its confluence with the river “Loire”. 

Permanent exhibition that traces the life of the last Neanderthals.
Thanks to a museography which approaches the prehistory in a ludic and educational way, you will discover the conditions of life of the last Neanderthals who lived in Chatelperron, 33 000 years ago.

Conceived in a theatrical and pedagogical spirit, the presentation is not only historical, artistic and ethnological, but also sociological. Thus, the succession of basket dresses from the 18th century, transparent muslin dresses from the First Empire, crinoline dresses from the Second Empire, dresses with a twist from the Third Republic, short dresses from the Roaring Twenties, constitute not only a catalog of forms, but also the basis for a reflection on the image of the woman and femininity.